Business opportunities in Montenegro

ERH Consult starts an exploratory campaign in the Republic of Montenegro. This Balkan country has an important hydro-energy potential to develop and an energy policy increasingly deployed towards the enhancement of renewable energies and sustainable development. ERH Consult is conducting an analysis phase to detect business opportunities, within the field of hydroelectric power plants, for..
ERH Consult changes offices in Santiago de Chile

ERH Consult changes offices in Santiago de Chile

ERH Consult moves to a two-storey building in which we will have more space and better facilities, allowing us to provide a better service to our customers. In addition the property has its own parking, which will facilitate accessibility. Our new offices are located in the neighborhood of Ñuñoa, near Providencia, near the subway stops..

ERH Consult signs a strategic agreement with the Chilean developer Minicentrales Hidroeléctricas

ERH Consult  has signed an agreement to study the hydropower potential of various areas of Chile with the Chilean developer company Minicentrales Hidroeléctricas Lda. The purpose of this agreement is to detect areas of concentration of resources for the subsequent hydroelectric development of the same. Within this agreement, ERH Consult  will develop all the engineering..

ERH Consult signs a contract for the development of 20 MW hydropower plant.

ERH Consult has signed with a major Spanish construction company established in Chile, a contract for the development of a 20 MW hydroelectric plant in southern Chile. ERH Consult will develop this entire hydroelectric engineering, from the conceptual stage to the final implementation of this infrastructure, making all subsequent detailed engineering and construction supervision. During..