On May 5, the hydroelectric plants of Melo, Caliboro and Santa Isabel were inaugurated, located in the municipalities of Quilleco and Los Ángeles (Biobío).

The three plants have a combined capacity of 5.5 MW, with an overall plant factor of more than 85%.

The inauguration was presided by the Minister of Energy, Mr. Andrés Rebolledo and the Minister of Public Works, Mr. Alberto Undurraga. The event was attended, among other authorities, by the governor of the Province, Mr. Luis Barceló, the deputy Mr. José Pérez and the Mayor of Quilleco, Mr. Jaime Quilodrán.

The company that develops these plants is SOCER, S.A, participated by the Association of Canalistas del Laja and a group of Catalan investors. On behalf of SOCER, was its President, Mr. Eduardo Weldt, accompanied by the Board of Directors of the Company. Also present was Mr. Patricio Guzmán, President of the Association of Canalistas del Laja, as well as the members of its Board and a large number of associates. On the other hand, a large group of Catalan investors came from Spain to the event, among them were Mr. Francesc Estabanell, Mr. Ramón Prat, Mr. Josep Maria Grau and Mr. Jordi Rovira.

These plants have been developed by ERH Consult, who has been responsible for the processing of permits, detailed engineering, tendering and supervision of works.

Civil works have been carried out by the Chilean company Obras Especiales Chile, the electromechanical equipment has been supplied by the Italian company Scotta, the electrical installation by the Spanish company Bobitecnic and the interconnection line by the Chilean company Coopelan.