The partners of ERH Consult have more than 25 years of experience in the sector, and our curricular background highlights our professional performance in HIDROWATT and the subsequent foundation of ERHTEC, two companies of reference in the world of Water, Energy and the Environment.

We offer specialized services accompanying our clients throughout the development process of their projects, allowing to adapt costs and times to your needs.

We provide our services to both public and private clients.

In development projects, we have in mind the parameters of investment, risk, return and profitability throughout the process, being able to limit the levels of progress in each phase and allowing our clients to limit the investment to the success of each stage of development.

The professional and business background of ERH Consult partners includes projects in the fields of Water and Energy in three continents, highlighting investment projects of the integral water cycle in the Canary Islands and in Cape Verde, integral hydroelectric developments in Portugal, Spain and Chile , Hydropower potential studies in Bosnia Herzegovina, Spain or Chile, provision of services such as EPC engineering in Chile and Peru or market exploration studies in Nicaragua, Montenegro, Serbia or Cameroon.