First centenary of the Associación de Canalistas del Laja

Last September 15 was the first centenary of this Association located in the city of Los Angeles, in the Biobío region, which has 2,145 associates and maintains an irrigation infrastructure of more than 1,000 km of canals.

During the celebrations, the Ministers of Agriculture, Public Works and Energy were present, as part of their activities commemorating their first centenary.

Among the commemorative activities, there is the edition of a book that rescues the history of the Association during the last 100 years, publishing a print run of 3000 copies.

A photographic exhibition, school drawing competitions and other festive events have also been developed.

ERHConsult has a long relationship with the Laja Canalists Association, which began in 2010 with the Diuto Hydroelectric Power Plant project, which has continued with the construction of the Melo, Caliboro and Santa Isabel plants, which is expected To be extended with more centers to integrate in the vast network of channels of the association.

In the celebration, ERHConsult was represented by two of its partners.