Hydroelectric Power


Hydroelectric Power


Caliboro Hydroelectric Power Plant




2013 – 2017

ERH Consult has developed the Project Management of this hydroelectric plant located in the irrigation infrastructures of the “Asociación de Canalistas del Laja” (Irrigators Association), near Los Angeles (Biobío – Chile). This project has been promoted by the Irrigation Association, together with an investment group of mixed Chilean-Spanish capital. The project of the «Hydroelectric Power Plant of Caliboro» aims at the hydroelectric exploitation of waters derived from the Main Channel of the Association to Caliboro river. The plant is run-off river type and has been designed for a flow of 13.5 m³/s, with an installed capacity of 1.3 MW and a plant factor of 95%.The plant has a intake work in the main irrigation channel, which has the necessary control systems to allow the guarantee of irrigation flows at all times and the perfect distribution of flows between the main channel and the Caliboro river. From this intake part a penstock D2600 and 512 m length that links directly with the power house, equipped with a single turbine Kaplan vertical axis. In the same building are located the electrical and control facilities as well as the transformer.

Integral Project Management. Development of conceptual engineering, processing of environmental permits, processing of local permits, tendering and contracting of works, detail engineering, works management, works supervision, coordination and commissioning.
The commissioning was carried out in March 2017.