Hydraulic Works


Conditioning of the Colomers Dam, in the
River Ter. Municipalities of Foix脿 and Colomers


(Government of Catalonia)


2016 – 2017


This project is carried out in a consortium, with our partner BAC ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY GROUP. The Colomers dam is a secular work, dated in the 13th century, which serves irrigation managed by the Community of Regants of the Colomers Dam through Sentmenat Channel, which has its intake on the left bank of the River Ter.It is a weir of about 350 m of length and about 4 m of height. It is a construction made with irregular calcareous stone. Over the years the work has been degraded, with the gradual disappearance of the mortar in large areas of the weir. The result of this process is reflected to an abundant leaks through the work and comes to put in question the stability of the weir.


The purpose of the project to be drafted is to specify the scope of the problems in the existing weir and to identify and define the works necessary to proceed with their reparation, with a goal to contracting and executing these works. Main objectives are聽to guarantee the impermeability of the work and to stabilize it. In the solution must establish the construction processes analyzing the need for diversion of the river, taking into account also the necessity to keep聽 the Sentmenat Chanel with permanent flow聽during the irrigation season. The project must incorporate the definition of the corresponding fish ladder to allow the passage of fish as well as to project the work of derivation of the totality of established maintenance flows.