Hydroelectric Power


Hydroelectric Power


Diuto Hydroelectric Power Plant


Hidroeléctrica del Diuto


2010 – 2011

The Diuto Hydroelectric Power Plant takes advantage of a 20 m difference level in the Diuto irrigation canal, managed by the “Asociación de Canalistas del Laja” (Irrigators Association) of Los Ángeles (Chile). The hydroelectric exploitation has an intake located in the Diuto channel, from which the design flow will be derived through a penstock of 2.6 m diameter, projected in Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester.

The nearly 500 m long hydraulic circuit feeds a 3 MW vertical axis spiral Kaplan turbine connected to a three-phase synchronous alternator of 333 rpm and 3400 kVA, with a generating voltage of 6 kV. In the engine room are located the electrical panels of medium and high voltage, as well as the systems of maneuver and control.

Detailed engineering of the hydroelectric exploitation and advice to the Owner in the execution phase of the works. The commissioning took place in January 2011.

Increased ACL channel capacity