Hydroelectric Power


Expansion of El Toqui Hydroelectric Plant


Sociedad Contractual
Minera El Toqui


2014 – 2015

The El Toqui Hydroelectric Power Plant is owned by the El Toqui Mining Contractor Company, located about 100 km northeast of the city of Coyhaique, in the province of Ays茅n, Region XI in Chile.The power plant of El Toqui, takes advantage of the river waters of the same name and has been in operation since 1983.The hydropower was designed to derive and turbine a maximum flow of 5 m鲁/s as a run-off river facility. The power house is equipped with two generator groups of equal power (2 脳 1.25 MW) with Francis type turbines of spiral chamber. The unevenness is approximately 68 m.
The Toqui Mining Contractual Company was considered at the time the possibility of expanding the use, in order to reduce the fraction of consumption coming from the diesel groups.It was decided to carry out an expansion of the plant to a flow of 7.5 m鲁/s, installing a new generator set capable of turbine 3.5 m鲁/s. After enlargement, the current groups operate at 20% lower flow rates than the maximums for which they were installed.

The project contracted to ERH Consult, consists of the development of detailed engineering to carry out the expansion, and for its integration into the energy generation system of the mining industry that exploits it.

The new group installed has the following characteristics:

Francis turbine of horizontal axis and spiral chamber of 1964 kW of mechanical power, of nominal flow 3,500 l / s, operating under a net head of 62.4 m.

In conditions of total turbine flow in the plant, coinciding with the maximum turbinable flow rate with the new generator set, the same turbine will generate a mechanical power of 2047 kW.

A construction project has been carried out for the implementation of a new generator set in an existing hydroelectric plant with a power of 2.2 MVA.

The work developed includes:

  • Verification of the maximum capacity of the existing hydraulic circuit.
  • Design of the works and facilities necessary for the implementation of the new generator set.
  • Preparation of the technical specifications for the tender of the works and technical assistance to the property in the contracting
  • Technical assistance to the Management of the Works until the commissioning of the installation.

The commissioning took place in 2016.