Hydroelectric Power


Los Aromos hydroelectric Power Plant


Minicentral Hidroeléctrica Saltos de Los Andes, S.A.




ERH Consult is developing the Project Management of this hydroelectric power station located in the region of Araucanía (Chile), taking advantage of the waters of the river Toltén, downstream of the confluence with the Allipén river. This plant is designed for a flow of 120 m³/s and has a gross head of 21 m, with an installed capacity of 19.5 MW. The average flow of the Toltén at the intake point is almost 500 m³/s, with a basin catchment of more than 6,000 km² and a rainfall of 3000 mm per year. These characteristics give the river a fairly high flow rate, providing a plant factor of 90%.The hydraulic scheme of the plant has a barrier or low weir, crowned with flap doors. In this work is integrated the lock for small boats, the admission of the naturalized channel for fish and the devices of supply the ecological flow. The intake have two Taintor gates that will allow to regulate the incoming flow, giving access to the adduction channel, of trapezoidal section, with a length of 5 km and a slope of 0.02%.

The forebay and power house are integrated in the same work, counting on a side discharge channel that by-pass the building and connects with the restitution channel. The building contains three identical generation groups, consisting of Kaplan turbines with vertical axis of 40 m³/s each, and vertical generators of 7.5 MVA.

Turbinated waters are restored to the Toltén by means of a channel of identical geometry to the one of adduction and with a length of 3.7 km.

This plant will avoid the emission of 80,000 tonnes per year of CO2, generating clean and sustainable energy for 60,000 households.

Development of conceptual engineering, engineering support for the processing of environmental and sector permits, tendering and contracting of works, detail engineering, works management and works supervision, coordination and commissioning. Currently undergoing environmental processing.