Hydroelectric Power


Rec dels 4 Pobles Hydroelectric Power Plant


Comunitat de Regants del Rec dels 4 Pobles




The R4P Hydroelectric Power Plant takes advantage of the unevenness in the channel network of the Irrigation Community of Adrall, Anserall, Castellciutat and Montferrer in Lleida. This central is an example of infrastructure compatibility. The construction of the plant allowed the modernization of irrigation by implementing an automatic sprinkler irrigation system, thereby generating significant water savings for electricity generation.

The design flow is 1.85 m鲁/s, with a head of 125 m, with the installed power of 1.9 MW.

The plant is equipped with a single Francis horizontal axis turbine. The generation voltage is 6 kV and the network voltage 22 kV.
The intake is located on the Valira river, near the border of Spain with Andorra, and the hydraulic circuit is a channel of circular section of 10 km in length, which connects with a forebay from which the penstock of PRFV, with a length of 900 m.

The area in which the sprinkler irrigation system has been implemented is 576 hectares.

Feasibility studies, authorization management, detailed engineering, Bidding and contracting, Construction Management, Exploitation and maintenance.

(*) Project carried out by the ERH partners